Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Wow, another 5 star seal from Readers' Favorite

I am smiling again. I have just won another 5 star seal from The Readers' Favorite website for 'How to Write a Simple Book Review'

5 stars! 

Reviewed By Roy T. James for Readers’ Favorite
How To Write a Simple Book Review: Calling All Readers by Allyson R. Abbott is a short book familiarizing one with book reviews, both as a reader and a reviewer. It tells us what a review is and why it is important. Different types of book reviews are then explained, indicating the differences between them. The book, while giving a general idea as to how a review is to be written, suggests a few opportunities of cashing in on one's efforts. A good list for further information, as well as the addresses of many book bloggers are of great help.

 I wish I had read How To Write a Simple Book Review: Calling All Readers by Allyson R. Abbott before I wrote my first review. (That was returned by the author for revealing too much!) Allyson R. Abbott has certainly made a few intelligent suggestions to make book reviews more interesting to the reader, while remaining easy on the reviewer. With the help of a few simple questions, like, “Is there anything in particular that you remember about the book that stands out or you feel confident about mentioning,” as well as by suggesting a few 'must not dos,' or more of 'there is no point in doing,' the author has given a clear direction for the reviewer. The recommendations given on star ratings is of considerable assistance for rating and marking one's review. This is very helpful book, both for learning the basics of a review and as a handy reference.
Getting a 5 star award is like winning an Oscar. I am very happy.

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