UK Mother's Day is nearly here

UK Mother's Day is nearly here
Perfect gift, 12 books by 13 authors all about how great mothers are.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Mother's Day Magic...with Love by book. Felt by the Heart Angela Ford

Hi everyone,
I have just realised I must be the only author with a blog, who doesn't blog about books. It occurred to me that I am in an anthology full of books, so why not just mention a few of them here. Okay I am a bit slow, but I get there in the end.  Which reminds me I have just finished reading 'Go Set A Watchman' by Harper Lee.  I was saddened to hear of her passing and it urged me to pick up the book to finish, what I started five months ago. I am not usually that slow at reading a book, it just so happens that I was given a hardback copy as a present. As a traveller, taking physical books cuts down on clothes, so although I had started to read it, I had to store it in my mum's attic while I went on my lovely three month honeymoon in South Africa.  As we drove down to Spain (see last post for the humour content of the trip), I managed to smuggle it in.  If I write every day until the day I die, I will never, ever be able to write with that skill or panache, I feel honoured to have read her books. Her name is definitely on my list of top authors.
Right, back to reality and our humble offerings...sorry Angela, I did not mean your book of course.

Felt by the Heart by Angela Ford   Amazon Author link:  Angela is the Canadian representative in our anthology
A mother's love is priceless. Words cannot describe the love of a Mother.
Rachel Winter's world is thrown into a state of confusion and despair. As she approaches her fiftieth birthday, her heart is crushed. The man she believed was her forever destroyed it.

But Rachel's heart ached more for her daughter, Brooke. Her world had now been crushed by two dads. Her oldest child Tyler had little to no contact with his father. Because of that, he'd never formed a close bond with Ryan. His concern was his mother's happiness and to help his younger sister. She had bonded with Ryan.
As Rachel deals silently with her own heartache, Her love for her children gives her the strength to rebuild her life. Will it give her the strength to mend broken hearts and broken promises?


I am happy to be able to say that I finished reading this story today. All the books in the anthology are novellas, so I can fit a quick read in here and there, without losing the plot line. Angela has excellent skills in making you feel apart of the story, as if you are privy to the thoughts, and no one else. Rachel, the main protagonist, like most mothers, puts her feelings aside for most of the time, and shows the brave face to her children.  There must be an unwritten rule somewhere that states, 'Mothers, do not show weakness to your children'.  Knowing that your children need you, is much more important than your own being.  In this story, Angela gives Rachel a strength and brings her through disappointments to realise her own worth and ability to manage on her own.  I enjoyed reading it and it did bring a slight tear, in one or two scenes and a smile in others as I recognised similarities in all mothers.   

In case you have not pre ordered the anthology for your mother, you may like to know that there is also going to be a paperback soon as my husband finishes formatting it (he has promised it every day for the past week). 
When I have read the next book in the box by Cornelia Amiri, I will write another post. Until then, have a great few days.


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