Monday, 14 March 2016

A slight interruption to the scheduled Mother's Day Magic reviews...

Hello, she says with a bright chirpy voice.
You know when you are just pursuing something on the web and you see a link that looks interesting, so you follow it to see where it goes?  I know it usually heads to 'wasting time' or another reason for 'procrastination', but the other day, it was actually worthwhile, and for me I have been smiling ever since.
I followed a link in a retweeted retweet, and found a review of Mother's Day Magic. Not only had this (male) author/reviewer written a review, but he had actually read all the books...even I have not got through them all yet. He said some nice things about the whole anthology.

His review can be found at

But I need to just paste a bit in here, to show you why I am smiling:

Mother's Day Magic: With Love is a collection of twelve individual short stories and/or novellas, by twelve separate writers, of whom, eleven I think, are female. Every single one of the stories had something special about them and I wouldn't be overstating things to say that I enjoyed each and every one of them.

As always though there were some stories that touched me more than others. The first of these was An English Rose by Allyson R Abbott. I absolutely adored this story of a quintessential 85-year-old English woman who realizes before it is too late that maybe there is life left in the old girl yet. Maybe it's my colonial background, but the language and situations in this story absolutely resonated with me. I adored it.
What a great review! It makes writing all worth while, when you find someone who appreciates your work.  Thank you, Grant, you made my day, my week and probably the whole year.

FOOTNOTE: There are actually 13 authors, one of which is male.

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  1. Allyson, you know I loved An English Rose!! To me, it felt so real because I think a lot of people feel like Rose did. I loved her transformation as she realized she hadn't been living but merely existing.