UK Mother's Day is nearly here

UK Mother's Day is nearly here
Perfect gift, 12 books by 13 authors all about how great mothers are.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Mother's Day Magic...with Love by book. December Roses by Daisy Banks

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I am still in Spain and have discovered that it is not always sunny. WE have had some very cold and windy days recently, so much so that we are having second thoughts as to whether this is the right place for us to settle. We had planned on curbing our travels for a couple of years, to try and get a bit more organised with out belongings, writing and play catch up with family, but now we may look further south. We have been spoilt by the hot sunny weather on the west coast of the USA and in Cape Town...which is definitely looking more appealing. Today is a nice sunny day, but as we have power (lots of power cuts this week), the internet (no power mans no internet, but also it keeps dropping out...who moved the satellite?) and I am feeling better (been a bit poorly), I have forgone the sun and am sitting inside this very cold apartment blogging.  Must be crazy!

Anyway, the next book in the box is December Roses by my fellow British Author Daisy Banks. I really felt at home in this story, as I pictured the streets, countryside, houses and furnishings from the recalled memories of a true love relationship. The smell of roses triggers these memories and Daisy allows us privy to Jean's early courting days, in particular a day trip with her young fellow with whom she was deeply in love. Unfortunately, her strict parents, in particular her mother, did not share in her enthusiasm, and her special day trip was fraught worry as she tried to work out how to keep everyone happy.  I loved the contrast of Jean's vigorous youth with the frail old lady who nods off to sleep all through the day. A beautifully written story that captivates your imagination and heart as you really want Jean to win her mum over and to keep her beau.
This was a new genre for Daisy, and I understand a huge challenge and in contrast to her normally 'heated' relationships, but believe me, she has coped with it very well. A lovely read.
On my writing front.  Managing Ed is now at the editors, for the first run through, and I expect a lot of changes to be suggested as I don't really feel I had enough time to dedicate to it.  Luckily my chosen editor this time specialises in brainstorming, so I expect the next few weeks will see my pen with a red hot tip.  As I am publishing Managing Ed at the end of April, I will also need to be a bit more focused.  I am not sure how other writers cope, but I get distracted very easily. My best time to work is in the evenings, on my own, with no noise...never happens:)
If you get a minute pop to my other blog page I have just started.  I am going to talk about things that I have found out over my first year as an author, and share some great (and hopefully useful) information for new authors.

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