UK Mother's Day is nearly here

UK Mother's Day is nearly here
Perfect gift, 12 books by 13 authors all about how great mothers are.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Mother's Day Magic...with Love by book: 5: Maddie's Project by Anna Celeste Burke

Hello Everyone

Thank you for joining me again in another blog post about the Mother's Day Magic Anthology, and of course my adventures.

Over the last week in Valencia, Spain, which is the area we are staying in, they have been having the great celebrations for Las Fallas Festival, held annually in the Valencia region in honour of St Joseph. Spain, is know for its festivals, there seems to be a celebration very week for something and very often the shops are closed in honour of something.

Coming from the UK, where we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th of November, I am used to a few fireworks and a bonfire. I am here to tell you that our simple firework night is nothing compared to the week long celebrations that end in the burning of the Fallas. Even now you are probably thinking firework display or a small bonfire.

But in Spain, it is not about the pretty colours, the ooohhhs and aarrhhs as the fireworks go up in the air. Here it is all about the noise. Their main firework is the firecracker, which range from small pops to eardrum popping, car alarm starting bangs, that start from 7am in the morning until late after midnight for a week.

People just walk down the street and randomly get a firecracker out of a bag or their pocket, light it and throw it in the road; even your children. the organised cracker throwing is joined by fantastic horn blowing and drum beating marching bands, that wind around the streets for an hour or more at a time.  All this accumulates during the week until at midnight on the last day of the festival when they have the biggest and loudest bangs ever and then they burn the Fallas.

The Fallas is a hand built (used to be wood and paper) statue that is a caricature depiction of a local politician. Every village, town and even the districts within the towns has a committee that designs and builds these thousand euro statues each year and then set fire to it.  In El Perello, where we are based, there were two and they were erected n the middle of the road, very near to houses.

The fire men are on standby at each burning.  I really do not have all the info or the space here to do justice the Las Fallas festival, but please follow this link to find out more and look at other websites, it really is a site and noise to hold and would be a great idea for a story in there somewhere!

Sorry Anna Celeste Burke, for the delay in talking about your book, but I just had to tell everyone about the festival. It seems so quiet here this week.  Maddie's Project, is the fourth book in the anthology, I really like the setting and the way Anna has used the daughters to discuss and dissect their mother's strength and weaknesses and capabilities of coping. My Review:
Maddie's project.  A well written story about the strength of a mother as seen through the eyes of her child. Even though the story is focusing on different ways of coping with illness, especially cancer, Anna Celeste has created a tale which makes you feel comfortable with the intrusion into a families reaction while being thrown into chaos. Who will step up to the mark?
The characters in this story have been borrowed from Anna's bestselling mystery series and there are cleverly placed hooks throughout the story to get you intrigued to read more of Anna's stories, which has worked on me....must download more of Anna's books.
Thanks for reading.
Apparently the paperback books look fabulous.  It will be a longtime before I get my hand on one.
Such good value. A perfect gift for any Mother at any time. 

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