Monday, 22 August 2016

Street Team Leader required...Please

     Wanted: Leader for a New Street Team
Tamara Ferguson and I are very excited to be joining forces to pool resources and find a superb street team to help us with our author and publishing tasks. We both have books that ranked at #1 on Amazon and very good reviews. Our common genre is romance, although we do write from different angles and of different age groups. They are not always ‘sweet romance’, but any ‘heat’ scenes are always tastefully written. Our project at the moment is to release a Christmas (twin books) set in September.
We need a dynamic person to help gather together a street team and then using your great organizational skills, delegate tasks to support our work and sales. These tasks can be anything from input on story lines from beta reading, cover design suggestions, review writing, marketing and promoting online and generally helping with anything that can help sell and promote our books, especially on social media.
We would prefer someone with experience, but that is not essential as long as you are honest, reliable and fun to work with, can organise a team of people and are not easily intimidated. We would value your input, ideas and suggestions and be on tap for any back up that’s required. We would supply all artwork and written material require and of course send you endless love and free books. Being a voluntary role, we promise to respect your time and other commitments and not to be over demanding. Basically, we just need help please!
If you are interested in volunteering for this challenging role please email either one of us with further questions or request an application/register an interest form.
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Thank you for reading and taking an interest
Humbly yours
Allyson and Tammy