Sunday, 30 October 2016

Fifteen Postcards by Kirtsen McKenzie

Having now committed myself to read more books and write a review and a blog post about them, I have found I mostly read novella's. I am not sure if it because they are shorter or more plentiful in the genres I tend to read.  When I started to read Fifteen Postcards (obtained through a giveaway) I was surprised at the list of seventy-seven chapters all with names and not just numbers. That was my first clue that the author of this book was taking her story seriously and the chapter titles intrigued me straight away. I then discovered this was a debut book. Completely impressed by the author now.
So, onto my take of Fifteen Postcards.
With seventy-seven chapters to read I started out quickly, but then discovered that I actually needed to slow down and savour the work. McKenzie's writing is crafted with tantalizing descriptions that force the reader to imagine the visions, sounds and smells of different countries and even an old antique shop. 
This story is a montage of many genres all wrapped up in a layer of mystery and mystique. it is an extremely well crafted and researched book. An intriguing story combining time travel, history, geography and the antique trade. I found it all enjoyable and very educational. I did get a little confused at times, but managed to unravel my thoughts by rereading a few pages, and I have to admit to drifting off a little through the long India passages, but as the story keeps flitting from one scene to another, it keeps you hooked until the end. Ah then end! That was not what I was expecting either.
Well done Kirsten McKenzie. A brilliant first novel.

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