Friday, 14 October 2016

Murder in Vail by Judy Moore

At last I am now settled in one place for a while so am actually able to read more books.  Ever since I have been writing I have found less and less time for reading, but now I am determined to set a few hours aside each day.  I very often found myself reading until the early hours of the morning, but I have not done that for a few years. However, when I downloaded Murder in Vail by Judy Moore I found that I was enjoying the easy flow of the story so much that I snuck a few extra hours of reading on using my iPhone, so as not keep my husband awake with a light. Luckily for me, once he is asleep, he sleeps quite heavily, so my iPhone is an ideal way of reading at night. 

I have just checked and the book is free there at the moment so download it while you can.

I found myself being drawn into the story with every page. This is the first Judy Moore book that I have read and was unsure of what to expect. Moore created a family, albeit a wealthy one, that actually behaved like a normal dysfunctional family. With all the sibling rivalry and bickering. I enjoyed Sally’s (the mother) response and found myself reflecting on how I handled my family Christmases. The murder mystery storyline had twists and turns and you have to read to the end to find out the ‘whodunit’, but it was definitely not a chore to wait. A lovely readable story that has wetted my appetite to read more book from the author.

I loved Judy's style of writing so much that I have since downloaded another one of her books Airport Christmas.  I will let you know about that one in a few days..

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