Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Christmas Garden by Lexie Stewart

What lovely Christmas story of a 'start again ' women after divorcing her bully of a husband. Although she initially struggles under the anxiety of 'bitten of more than she can chew', as her new life starts in a small run down cottage and plus the added stress of being nominated her clan's Christmas party host, she finds the strength and determination to bring it all together. Her love of gardening gives her a focus for the Christmas party, encourages her motivation to sort out the cottage; and of course to be outside when the handsome jogger goes by on his daily run.
I do love a good 'I can do it' attitude and Mary gradually learns that she can after a very shaky start and years of being put down by her husband I expect her confidence was a little low to begin with.

For those who want to read this short Christmas sweet read it is free at the moment on Amazon

I am loving all these Christmas stories I am reading.  It is a new discovery for me.  Okay  I know, I am a bit behind the times.

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