Monday, 21 November 2016

Christmas stories and lots of reviews...I am getting down my reading pile.

I am going great guns on my reading pile.  It may have something to do with my husband being away for a few days, so I am reading late into the night. I am also using my kindle (which he usually steals) instead of my iPhone, making it easier to read.  So here are my latest reviews.

The Christmas Cruise  by Tammy Tate
A good Christmas story that has you hooked  4*
I have just finished reading A Christmas Cruise, and feel exhausted. For a short story it packs a lot of adventure and activity. It was fast paced and non stop, from the minute Ally stepped onto the cruise liner to enjoy a holiday with her two friends through to the last page. The meeting within the first few hours of Brad, soon became a love and hate theme, but with them both being thrown into the mysterious Bermuda Triangle expedition, they soon learned that to appreciate each others qualities. A good Christmas story, with a lot going on, albeit sometimes too quickly, that has you hooked to the last page.

Christmas Country Wishes (The Christmas Love List Book 4) by Angela Ford
 A sweet story and fun to read. 5*
This Christmas story catches the magical elements that we all look forward to; the first flakes of snow, the town's Christmas lights, being with family and the ones you love. A lovely story of Dakota, who moves town to look for her father and in the process finds the man of her dreams...if only it was his dream too! The story has lots of characters throughout and sometimes I did wonder why they were even being mentioned. In short stories you do not very often hear about people who do not have a major role to play. After a little digging I discovered that this book is actually part of a series (so silly me) and I probably need to read the others first. But even saying that, there is no reason you can't read this on its own. it is a good story, a sweet story and fun to read.

Before the Snow Melts (Christmas Cottage Anthology Book 3) by Julie Kavanagh
Well worth a read. A short Story with great characters 4*
A short story with great characters. Beth lets a stranger into her house to help him after his car has broken down. There is a snow storm brewing and he finds himself stranded there until the morning. He thinks Beth is a little strange, she lives like a hermit, whereas he has money and lives in luxury. They gradually get to know each other as the story progresses. Ms Kavanagh gives the characters depth and the reader is captured within the story. I read this within one sitting, but only because I couldn't put it down. Well worth a read.

Auld Lang Syne by Mark Casigh
Auld Lang Syne: Should old acquaintance be forgot? 4*
After an injury Mike has trouble with memory recall and when he meets the local librarian he knows her face seems vaguely familiar. As the story develops links to their pasts emerge. A well written short story with some very good sex scenes to stimulate your imagination of libraries. If I read an erotic book then I like it to have a story behind the sex, and this is a great story. I would highly recommend.

This book is not a Christmas Story, But well worth a mention.
Lightning Over Bennett Ranch (The Ranch Collection Book 2) by Amber Daulton
Fast paced short story with a punch 4*
I liked this fast paced short story, it packed a punch. The characters were completely believable and the author very knowledgeable about horses and ranch work. I learned a lot about horses! I like a story where people connect and show spirit and the couple here do that, they met when young and the relationship caused problems, but now they are back and will not let others stand in their way.

Okay that's all today...I need to get writing and reading.  Have a good Thanksgiving and don't forget Mistletoe Kisses and Christmas Wishes is available from Black Friday to purchase at 99c

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