Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Rescued by Christmas written by Marilyn Conner Miles

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all well. Just a quick update on my reading pile.

I don't share all the book I read on my blog. If I did you would all probably be fed up with me by now. I am trying to get through my pile of 'books I would like to read' that are on my bookshelf over at Goodreads. There are over 100 on there, but some books get to the top twenty quicker than others. Obviously some of those are Christmas stories, of which I am reading a lot recently.

I have just read Rescued by Christmas and I admit I was expecting a romance, but I was pleasantly surprised by the story. It was not your usual full-on romance, there was a romance thread, but the author kept it in the back ground, mainly because the romance was not allowed to blossom due to employment complications, but also because there were other things happening that kept the reader involved with the story, so the romance was not required to keep the reader hooked.

My Review  4* Very Good
A lovely Christmas story which is more than a romance. Micah, the main character, finds herself in trouble for being late on her first day in a new job, and after an accident has no car either. She forges a bond with her knight in shining armour, after he rescues her from her car, and even that relationship leads her to trouble. However, the story is also about rescuing and looking after horses. Something, I assume, the author knows a lot about. I like the story, even though I am not a horsey person, the tale felt personal, it felt real, like it all really happened. Well written and most enjoyable.

BLURB: Micah, unemployed for some time, gets hired as the Marketing Coordinator for a retirement home. The night before her first day on the job, it begins to snow, and by the time she gets up early the next morning there are six inches on the ground. Uncomfortable driving in the stuff, she does it anyway. She can't miss her first day of work! Even though she drives slower than a slug, her car slides into a ditch and she can’t get out. Dane, a modern day knight in shining armor, comes to her rescue, and then offers her a ride to work. He tells her he goes there every morning to visit his grandfather, and not wanting to be late, she accepts. The employee manual states, and her boss emphasizes, that it is against company policy to fraternize with residents and their family members. Micah knows she could lose her job, but with her car in the shop for a month, no credit card and no bus service from her rural home, there is no way for her to get to and from work without a long, cold walk—or a ride with Dane. Complicating matters even further, Micah, a kind-hearted animal lover, agrees to take care of the grandfather’s horse As they spend more and more time together, Micah finds herself torn between her growing attraction for Dane and a desperate need to keep her job.

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