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Thursday, 22 December 2016

My nonfiction book 'How to Write a Simple Book Review', has won an award.

This is one of those days that makes writing all worth while. To receive an email saying that your book has won an award is brilliant, but to have it say your book was 'Best Book' in a category has ended 2016 with a smile.
I can now start 2017 with a smile. I am now an Award Winning and Bestselling Author, which is something I never even dreamed of when I started writing in 2014, publishing my first book only last year.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me with advice, sharing and promoting and a huge thank you to everyone who has bought any of my books.

How To Write a Simple Book Review; it's easier than you think! Best Book in the How To Category

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Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

Allyson R. Abbott

Friday, 16 December 2016

A Christmas Story with a difference + Free books

Hello everyone

Like everyone else I have been busy with the up and coming festive season preparations and my mother has arrived today for a two month stay.  I love having my mum around and she loves coming to stay, especially now we are in Spain, where the weather is warmer than the UK. Although we are in for some wet and windy stuff over the next few days, but hopefully by mid week it will all be gone.

I have been reading some lovely Christmas stories of late and most f them are romances and lovey-dovey ones.  But I have just finished a book that I needed to share with you. I really enjoyed Never Too Late by Jo Barney. Being a henlit / boomer lit author myself, I am always on the look out for books in the same genre. I spotted this one in a Librarything giveaway and luckily I managed to snag a copy. I probably would have bought it though even if I hadn't of won.

It is a must read, if you like something different every now and again. If you like a little bit of literary fiction without the romance, then I suggest you treat yourself.  The paperback is at a very good price as well, if you need a quick present for your aunt or gran.  This is my review.

Never Too Late by Jo Barney

A Lovely well written story.

I won an Ecopy of this book through a Giveaway I entered because I was drawn to the tale about an elderly lady. I write stories about mature women or couples, so finding another author within the same genre was enlightening.
I really loved this story. It starts on a sad note when Edith wakes up on Christmas Day to find her husband dead in bed beside her. From the off set it is obvious that she is not that upset, as her marriage has been a struggle and their relationship, love and trust of each other has almost disappeared. From that point, I was expecting a story of a second chance romance, but even though Edith does meet someone nice, this story is more about the different emotions she goes through as she finds a trail of deceit and a secret life of her husband that she knew nothing about.
Following her emotions while she slowly unravels a story that involves her son and his wife, she slowly learns a new side to her deceased husband and her only son. She also develops a good friendship with her daughter-in-law, something that she wished she had done years ago.  Edith is putting her life back together in a way that suits her as a widow, mother and grandmother (and now dog owner), without the need to tiptoe around her husbands shadow.
I enjoyed the way the author challenged Edith to explore her feelings and emotions, to question her guilt and even to admit that maybe the marriage failure was not all Art's fault, that she too had a few faults that need addressing. If you enjoy a literary read, this is a must. Once you start, you want to read it al the way through to find out how it all comes together. A lovely story.

To end this blog on a completely different note. My spicy erotic read is free from today until 20th of December. If you haven't read this yet, then check out the great reviews and download while it is free. The next book in the series Slaving over Valentine will be out in the new year. If you enjoy Slaving Over Christmas and would be prepared to write a review for Slaving over Valentine then send me a messages and I will send you an early copy.
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Must go now...presents to next week.  Allyson

Thursday, 1 December 2016

#1 Best Selling Book in 3 categories...I Just Don't Believe IT!

It is true though!

Mistletoe Kisses and Christmas Wishes is at #1 and has been there for a few days.  This is all thanks to Tamara Ferguson and her fantastic skills and drive at promoting, her energy is endless.

Also a huge thank to all readers who bought our book. I can't believe the fantastic reviews it is getting either.  When I set out to write my story, I knew I wanted to do something different. I wanted more humor. I wanted people to laugh out loud, like I do a when I read funny stories.  I love laughing out loud.

I am so happy that most reviews have mentioned the humor and how it made them laugh. Thank you for taking the time to read and review. It make writing all worth while, to think I have put a smile of peoples faces.  Thank you.
 Get your copy here