UK Mother's Day is nearly here

UK Mother's Day is nearly here
Perfect gift, 12 books by 13 authors all about how great mothers are.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Mother's Day Magic...with Love by book: Book 12: Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone and Tyler Hosea

Hello all
As mentioned in my previous blog, I am in San Diego at the moment. We have had a great two weeks, mostly included a lot of alcohol and socialising, seeing people we haven't seen for years...lots of catch up to do.  After a lot of late nights and a few very busy days (weddings etc.), I was really looking forward to a few quiet days 'dog sitting' in an apartment next to Balboa Park.  We arrived straight from the wedding party, about 2am and went straight to bed. At 6am, I was rudely awakened by loud music, right outside our window.  The San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon was just getting under way.  Having never been to a marathon, I foolishly was relieved, when at last, after speeches etc. over the speaker system, to hear the countdown from 10 to 1 to start the race.  What I did not realise was that there was going to be more than one start.  After the '27' waves, ten came the street cleaning much for my relaxing start to the day. 
Apart from that, San Diego has been wonderful. If you ever get the chance, you should visit. It has lovely beaches, a waterfront area, trolley's, a vibrant night live, lots of bands and happy hours; and of course Balboa park. My only criticism are the and food..the nightlife comes at a cost.

Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone and Tyler Hosea is a story about a brother and a sister, who a year after the death of their mother, still miss her deeply. She influenced their lives, not so much as the main carer, but as the most adventurous, lively and vivacious person. They struggled to compare their achievements with hers, and often felt inadequate. They were given a letter to read on the anniversary of her death and the story brings them together, for this event and they spend time with each other comparing childhood stories about how they saw both their parents.
They both obviously loved their mother and Stone and Hosea capture this as their emotions spill over at the graveside.  A lovely read. 

 That is now all the 12 stories reviewed. I hope you have enjoyed learning about each book.  The anthology is still only 99c, and I am sure you will not be disappointed with the quality of all the stories.
My next up date will be back across the Atlantic. I am heading to Spain this soon.  Allyson