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Monday, 30 January 2017

A little bit of Erotica to warm the blood

Hello all

A Happy New Year, although being near the end of January, I probably should be wishing everyone a great Valentine.

I had very quiet Christmas and New Year festivities. As we are in Spain, away from family, we only had ourselves to entertain and that consisted of a walk on the beach and me and other onlookers laughing at my husband paddle-boarding in his Santa Hat. It was too cold for me to even dip a toe.
 Considering he is not a spring chicken, he did very well. put me to shame, but he is a little bit crazy.

Though January we have had some very wet and windy weather here in the Valencia region, which stopped us from going out a lot, but now hopefully it has all settled down again and the warmer weather is coming in.

On the writing front. Fingers crossed Slaving over Valentine; book 2 in the Slaving Over series, will be published this week. what do you think of this cover?

A little naughty, I know, but we all need a bit of spice every now and again. For those who have read Slaving Over Christmas, you will know the story is about Jill and Tom, a couple married for twenty years, who through a frugal Christmas, managed to liven up their marriage and sex life. This book, sees their exploits expand as they take a road trip to Vegas for the Valentine Weekend. It is a fun, sexy story. the story I mention a film, 'The Devil Drives Down to Vegas', and as a special thank you to all my readers, I am giving away a free copy of the ebook, 'The Devil Drives Down to Vegas' if you sign up to my newsletter and include your Amazon purchase number for Slaving over Valentine.  Both books are on a book blog tour soon, so you may see them out and about.
I do hope you like both the Slaving books and this Devil book. they will warm you up on the inside and out.

Apart from that, I am hoping to start doing more book blogs/reviews on here, so stay tuned and find out what the world has to offer.
Just in case I don't get to chat soon, have a really nice Valentine and hope you all get lots of cards, or at least some flowers.

Slaving Over Christmas. Book 1 in the Slaving Over Series