Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Swiftly Sharpens the Fang by Stuart Kenyon

I mainly read thrillers, mystery or romance books but recently a friend suggested that I read a book by Stuart Kenyon, a Dystopian novel. I would never read a book like this normally, but as it was recommended I why not.

My Review

Although a work of fiction this novel tugs at the realms of a possible post Brexit Britain, which certainly gets your thought processes working. The story follows Joe, who depressed and on medication, use alcohol to blot out glimpses of a bad dream, that seems real and influences his daytime activities. It starts a slippery slope for Joe, when during a drunken stupor he goes to the aid of someone being harassed. From that point his life is turned around as he becomes embroiled with a gang, run by his uncle. I am not a big fan of dystopian novels, but was persuaded to give this one a try by a friend. I was surprised at how easily I became involved with the characters. I found this book so close to a possible reality that I was drawn into the story and really wanted to see Joe to the end; whatever that would be! He tried to do his best and his conscience kept him mostly in line, but the line became blurred through the influence of friends and family.. A great story and definitely worth a read. Stuart Kenyon is a great writer and I look forward to reading The Subnormal Trilogy, which I have been told is just as good.

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