Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Mother's Day Magic by book: Book 8 The Art Of Forgiveness by Tamara Philip

Mother's Day Magic

Mother's Day Magic is a 12 book anthology that includes all previously unpublished books.  These were written for this project. Here are 12 books all about mothers and their strength of character. I am going to introduce them all one at a time, three a week. There are not many anthologies that are available in paperback, but this one is and it looks fantastic. We thought that all mother's deserved to have the best, but even at 99c for the Ebook, it is definitely worth a read and worth a treat as an extra present for your mom available at or for the paperback version.
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On to the next book in the Mother's Day Magic Anthology.
The Art of Forgiveness by Tamara Philip.

As with all anthologies you always find one book that you like above the others. That is not to say you disliked the others, but this book for me stood out. It took me by the hand, no actually it gripped me by my hand and pulled me willingly through the story. I could not put it down.  The narrators  voice stayed in my head for hours afterwards. Not a romance, more literary fiction about a romance. I adored it.

Tamara Philip has created a haunting tale with this omniscient first person narrative about Selina, who is searching for her past.  I think her name only gets mentioned once in the whole story. The narrator is explaining Selina's moves, step by step, but repeating them as if reminding Selina as to what happened. Even though it is a short story, it is a haunting, page turner, you feel compelled to join her as layer, after layer of her family history is peeled back, until she finds the truth. I really loved this story and the brilliant way is was written. Well Done Tamara Philip. More please!

Thanks for reading, catch you all again next week.

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