Sunday, 7 May 2017

Mother's Day Magic by book: Book 12: Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone and Tyler Hosea

 Mother's Day Magic
Mother's Day Magic is a 12 book anthology that includes all previously unpublished books.  These were written for this project. Here are 12 books all about mothers and their strength of character. I am going to introduce them all one at a time, three a week. There are not many anthologies that are available in paperback, but this one is and it looks fantastic. We thought that all mother's deserved to have the best, but even at 99c for the Ebook, it is definitely worth a read and worth a treat as an extra present for your mom available at or for the paperback version.
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Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone and Tyler Hosea is a story about a brother and a sister, who a year after the death of their mother, still miss her deeply. She influenced their lives, not so much as the main carer, but as the most adventurous, lively and vivacious person. They struggled to compare their achievements with hers, and often felt inadequate. They were given a letter to read on the anniversary of her death and the story brings them together, for this event and they spend time with each other comparing childhood stories about how they saw both their parents.
They both obviously loved their mother and Stone and Hosea capture this as their emotions spill over at the graveside.  A lovely read. 

That is now all the 12 stories reviewed. I hope you have enjoyed learning about each book.  The anthology is still only 99c, and I am sure you will not be disappointed with the quality of all the stories.

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