Thursday, 3 August 2017

'Mantic' Cover Reveal with Jocelynn Babcock

Title: Mantic
Author: Jocelynn Babcock
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Cover Designer: Alexia Purdy
Publisher: Milton Street Scribe
Editor: Mary Malone, Ink Slasher Editing
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Blurb:  A psychic with amnesia?
The dark haired women came. One fell from the sky. Now, all that was will be broken and one of the group will die.
Valena witnessed a murder. Her memories are returning, but not fast enough to escape those pursuing her. Haunted by visions, the Wyrd Sisters are trying to assist Valena while ensuring the prophesy about her does not come to fruition. Valena must face her dark truth instead of running to save herself, her friends, and the man she loves..
Jocelynn Babcock hates talking about herself in third person, but loves reading and writing third person narratives. A typical writer, she’ll tell you she created books with her grandma’s yarn as a child and grew up to marry an engineer (as all writers do). She lives in the Channeled Scablands where the fine line between sanity and not is an outlet for idle hands. You can follow her work on WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
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