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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

New Release: The Equalizer

The Equalizer: Foxxy’s Tipping Point
Foxxy The Equalizer Book 1

The NEW BOOK from Award-Winning and Bestselling Author
 Allyson R Abbott

Foxxy has never had a life to shout about. Until that night!

She’s the modern-day Equalizer with Robin Hood as a partner…

Long ago, she’d accepted being dealt an unfair hand, especially after a recent beating from her pimp, Eddie.  Now all she can do is focus on staying alive; which means keeping out of trouble until she’s saved enough money to start a new life. One which includes revenge and seeking justice for the pain and humiliation she’s suffered through the years at Eddie’s hands.

But a chance meeting of a handsome stranger’s eyes across a crowded ballroom changed everything. An invisible thread wove itself around her heart and his, pulling them together for a few timeless moments before the spell was broken.

Realizing fate was at work, he used every means possible to track her down. Because nothing would keep him from the woman of his dreams.

Along with the opportunity for a new life, Foxxy’s being offered hope, as well as the means to plan Eddie’s retribution; not just for her but for every woman he’s abused.

Foxxy’s never lived a life to be proud of until that night, and recognizing her new life purpose, Foxxy sets out to avenge anyone who’s deserving, and desperately needs her help.

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